Dead Man’s Kiss (Romancing the Pirate, Book 5)


He’s done it before, but now, he’s really done it. This time he could lose everything - his ship, his crew and his livelihood. Pirate Captain Valeryn Barone is well known for his nasty reputation.  After drinking way too much one evening, he wakes up to find his beloved ship Rissa confiscated and himself arrested by Alvaro Montoya, Mayor of Cuba. He’ll never see his ship or crew again unless he agrees to the deal the Mayor puts forth; take his niece Catalina Montoya to Los Roques, Venezuela so that she may study and draw the animal and plant life of the island. It is her goal to become an acclaimed naturalist. It’s either escort her or hang, and, oh yeah, she must remain untouched for the entire journey. Tough choice!

What a fun and adventurous tale!!! Catalina is a tough and beautiful character who wants what she wants, and isn’t afraid to get it. Valeryn is a hot and sexy pirate…what’s not to love? The chemistry between the two is off-the-charts hot, and the premise is unique in that Catalina wants to become a naturalist. The side characters like Henri add more fun to the story. The beginning is a bit confusing but once one gets into the story it becomes clear who is whom and which part they play! Although the fifth book in a series, "Dead Man's Kiss" stands well on its own. Sit down, relax, maybe sip some rum and enjoy!

Lynne Bryant