The de Wolfe of Wharf Street

Elizabeth Ellen

Gabriel Hardacre and his brothers, Raphael and Michael are accomplished acrobats. This is how they eke out their living. They promised their dying mother they would remain together, but they need to find another way of making money to keep body and soul together. While blowing off steam at the tavern, Gabriel meets Perspicacity (Cassie) Glenwood. She plans to stay at the tavern until Gabriel offers to escort her to her cousin Uriah’s, home. The next day, her cousin, the Reverend Uriah Makepeace, hires the Hardacre brothers to make furniture for the almshouse, an abode for the poor. Gabriel sets his sights on Cassie, but when his job at the almshouse is over, he and his brothers take their act on the road with Zagorsky’s show. Gabriel will be gone for at least a year. Will Cassie be waiting for him when he returns?

“The de Wolfe of Wharf Street” is a delightful romance featuring two orphans who fall for one another at first sight. The descriptions of the characters are so detailed that one can easily picture them in one’s mind’s eye. The poetry that is inserted in the story adds to the romance and gives the story more sophistication. The few passages that drag are those that go into the detail of the acrobatics in which the boys engage. There are too many details and those passages get bogged down. The author relies heavily on narration, rather than dialogue, to move the story forward. The characters are believable with depth, distinction, and emotions. Ms. Carter delivers an excellent addition to the Pirates of Britannia Connected World (Pirates of Britannia World).

Belinda Wilson