Dashing Irish (Texas Devlins, Tye's Story)


Ever since his partner’s death Tye Devlin has been lost, and in order to get himself together he decides to visit his sister. On his way there he meets a fiery woman who intrigues him.  After all, a man isn't used to having a woman threaten him with a gun - especially one who is covered with mud from head to toe!  Especially not a man with his looks and charm. But that’s exactly what Lil does.

For her part, Lil is not taken with Tye’s charm. How could she when he is so obviously being dismissive of her? She would be thrilled if they never crossed paths again. That’s when fate steps in and they meet again, and again.  Slowly they start to wonder if maybe, just maybe, they are meant to be one.


"Dashing Irish" is a stunning story set against the backdrop of the not-so-civilized state of Texas in the second half of the 19th century. Tye and Lil are a couple that will prove hard to forget, their story well worth telling. Right from the beginning, the sparks between them almost set the pages on fire. Other characters were just as intriguing: Tye’s sister and her husband, Lil’s father, various people they met throughout the book. True, there were a few moments of unnecessary drama and martyrdom. Nevertheless, it makes for a wonderful read, filled to brim with amazingly drawn characters, adventure, friendship and, of course, romance.


Ana Smith