The Dark Spawn (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 5)

Le Veque

Coleby de Velt has been working as a spy for The Marshall in the Scottish court for some time. When news of a war in Berwick becomes apparent, The Marshall, decides to gather the English armies to join together to fight against the pending Scottish invasion. While on a mission to get information from a hostage, Cole finds himself entranced by the lovely and dependable daughter of Alastor de Bourne while visiting Castle Keld. Being the chatelaine of the castle since her mother’s passing, Cori has taken over every task imaginable to keep things running, as well as being the battle surgeon and healer of their house. When the time comes to move towards the battlefield, Cori is right in the thick of it, and Cole finds himself exasperated that anyone would let a woman follow them to battle. When sacrifices beyond Cole’s comprehension are made, tempers flare causing fallout neither may be able to overlook.

“The Dark Spawn” is a captivating and mesmerizing tribute to the harsh realities of 13th century war on the outskirts of Berwick Castle. While book five of six, this novel is clearly a stand-alone that will make one want to pick up the others in the series. Strong character development is on display throughout, not only with the men but with the women who will take a stand and do what is needed, even in the direst of circumstances. A slow building start and a bit of confusion with family names may impede readers at first, but it doesn’t take long to figure out which side to root for. Even the hardest heart will melt for Cori and Cole!

Marie Sanderson