The Dark Conqueror (Battle Lords of deVelt)

Le Veque

In this latest installment of the Battle Lords of deVelt series, the reader is treated to Cassian’s story. Fostered with the deLohr family since a young age, Cassian was always drawn to Brielle, one of the deLohr children. When their young love draws Brielle’s father’s ire, Cassian leaves Lioncross Abbey Castle and sets out to make a new life for himself. After working as an aide to a now destitute Lord, Cassian turns to the tournament arena, making a name for himself as the Dark Conqueror. After ten years apart, he returns, rich and successful, to claim the only woman he's ever loved. However, a dark cloud hangs over their reunion, and his duty to another woman may be what keeps them apart.

For those who love Author Kathryn Le Veque’s medieval romances, the chance to revisit the powerful deLohr family is an exciting prospect. The story contains colorful and entertaining historical facts and descriptions, if not somewhat redundant of the previous books in the series. The heroine, Brielle, has refused other suitors in hopes of Cassian’s return - not just for herself, but for the child they share. Waiting for Cassian is her most redeeming quality. Otherwise, her character lacks emotional development. Cassian, a fierce warrior, is weepy, and other than when trouncing his opponents, doesn’t seem all that manly. The premise of the book promises a deep, dark secret that could possibly split Cassian and Brielle apart. Unfortunately, the big reveal and ensuing resolution lack impact. But, for those who love sweeping adventure, and have followed the other stories, this book will definitely add to the series.

N.E. Kelley