The Daring Miss Darcy (Lost Ladies of London Book 4)


On a dark night, Miss Brown sees a man lying in an alley, beaten in a brawl. When she goes to assist this stranger, she discovers that he is not a stranger at all. He is Lord Ross Travane, the man she was in love with eight years ago. Eight years ago, before she created the identity of Miss Brown, she was Miss Estelle Darcy. Everyone believed she died in a shipwreck, However, she was kidnapped by smugglers and forced to take part in their scheme. She fled, changed her name, hoping to never be discovered. Ross has been filled with anger these last eight years and demands an explanation. However, their love is still as strong as ever. Will they be able to have a second chance?

This historical romance is filled with mystery and suspense. Miss Darcy remains charming and sweet despite the horrors she has been through. Even with this experience, however, she seems to be easily fooled or taken advantage of, even though she should know better. Ross Vane is daring and strong. Though he claims to love Estelle, he struggles to trust her.  Both main characters have their flaws. However, the villains are utterly fantastic and insane. The story’s pacing is wonderful and flows perfectly. This book really dives into how anyone can make a mistake, and what it takes to have a second chance. The author keeps her readers engaged from start to finish. Once the reader picks up this book, they will not be able to put it down. 

Amanda Hupe