Daring Done Right

Charlie Lane

Lady Sarah is making ‘dares’ with the Ton members to support a poorly funded hospital. Each bet becomes increasingly dangerous, yet, disguised, along with two friends, she remains incognito and repeatedly wins. Sarah’s activities, however, gain the attention of a gentleman known as the Dare King, and he tags her as his Dare Queen. When the Dare King’s identity is revealed, Sarah is stunned because of a falling out between them years before. Xavier, Viscount Flint, made his mark with outrageous wagers which he won, often forgetting the people who counted on his existence. A dare in Bristol, orchestrated by the defeated scoundrel, Clarington, puts both Xavier and Sarah in the crosshairs of society's ridged mores if he talks.

The unsuspecting pair discovers they are alike in many ways, the keenest of which is their belief in one another more than themselves. The sparks between them get fanned by respect and need, plus the promise of passion.Charlie Lane gives readers a delightful stand-alone story of two people who believe themselves undeserving of a chance. The layers of guilt, insecurity, and fear of failure get shed when they try to help one another. Individually, these two people care for others more than themselves. Through this lens, discover they are much more alike than at odds. The character development is superb enough to want to join their journey. The banter delightfully carries forward with realistic dialogue and believable situations. Lastly, the passion simmers enough to keep the pages turning, with pauses for sighs of encouragement. Fans of spicy Victorian Historical Romance tales will undoubtedly become immersed in this book and the rest of this series.

Simone Dober