Daniel McClintock (McClintocks 4)


Clara Van Hoosan is on her way from Amsterdam to McClintock, Texas to help young Daniel McClintock regain the ability to walk. He has been paralyzed for two years and Clara, a highly recommended heilgymnast (physiotherapist), is Daniel’s last hope. The McClintocks are expecting C.R. Van Hoosan to be a man, while Clara expects Daniel to be a youngster. Both parties get quite the surprise when they discover C.R. is a woman and Daniel is Clara’s age! Daniel fights the idea of having a woman therapist, but Clara fights harder. Soon they make progress and Daniel notices this blonde woman (“built like a Viking”) is very attractive. Clara finds herself equally attracted to Daniel, but denies her feelings because he is her patient. Will Daniel be doomed to pine for Clara or will she come around and admit her feelings for him?

“Daniel McClintock” reveals the emotions of a frustrated paralyzed man and his journey to overcome his disability. The characters in this story are well written and fully developed, including the minor ones. The back stories of all the characters are delved into, explaining to the reader their various attitudes. Emotions run high throughout this novel, and empathetic readers will need to keep a tissue handy. The climax in the story could be stronger and have more angst, but it fits the formula.  The conflict is obvious but complicated; Daniel loves Clara, but she does not see herself as worthy of his love. “Daniel McClintock” is a compelling story that the reader will find difficult to put down!

Belinda Wilson