A Dangerous Temptation–Bow Street Brides, Book 5


Tobias Kent finds his wife dead and promises vengeance on her killer. Five years later in Hyde Park, Lady Amelia Tattershall’s carriage strikes Tobias down. When Tobias wakes up, he proceeds to not only kiss but fondle her before jumping out of the carriage leaving Amelia desiring Tobias. Amelia can only think about Tobias, and Tobias feels the same about her. Tobias finds ways to see Amelia, making both fall even more for each other. Tobias is really out for revenge on whoever killed his wife, he didn’t mean to fall in love but can’t help himself. As Tobias gets closer to Amelia so does the killer known as The Slasher, who now is out to get her. Can Tobias stop The Slasher before it’s too late?

What a rollicking, heart-stopping regency mystery filled with twists, turns and a deliciously wicked romance! The stand-alone story is part of a series but manages to be engaging and nicely told! Unfortunately, some things don’t fit the regency period; especially the intimacy between the hero and heroine which happens way too early in the book. There are also many holes in the story that are never fully explained. The villain’s back story really makes no sense, so the story, despite interesting plot twists, doesn’t seem quite believable. Amelia might be a lady, but her salacious behavior toward Tobias makes her hard to relate to. Tobias, on the other hand, despite his harshness and his intent on revenge, manages to be likable. Readers will still enjoy the suspenseful romantic story no matter what time period it supposedly is set in.

Roslynn Ernst