A Dangerous Game (Regency Spies & Secrets Book 2)


Emmeline Lockhart is engaged to an old, lecherous duke and despairs for her future. When a childhood friend, Lord Oliver Radcliff, offers her a marriage of convenience, she agrees despite his reputation as a rake. She is certain she can keep her heart safe. While Oliver is prepared to give Emmeline the protection of his name, he knows that he cannot afford to share more than that. His work for the Crown means that he must play a role and keep secrets--even from his lovely wife. It is not long before Emmeline realizes that she wants more from her marriage, and an unexpected inheritance gives her the room to think. Oliver does not want to lose his wife, so when her life is in danger, he realizes that defending those he loves is as important as his duty to the Crown.

"A Dangerous Game" dishes up intrigue, romance, and betrayal for an entertaining and suspenseful Regency tale! Readers will immediately empathize with Emmeline's plight, and Lord Oliver shows his hero credentials at once when he willingly offers marriage to save her. The background of labor agitation is fascinating, but it does not fit neatly into the spy story. In fact, it makes it hard to root for him when we are talking about workers' rights in early 1800s England. Moreover, his assumed role of rake and his insistence on maintaining secrets above all else seems formulaic rather than fresh. Nonetheless, this is an engaging Regency romance for a lazy afternoon. "A Dangerous Game" builds to an exciting climax that will grip readers with tension and anticipation until the very end!

Tricia Hill