Dangerous Favor

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Mathhilde's father was accused of stealing from the king many years ago and as a result, she and her brother have had to live with the shame and straitened circumstances.  Now she is old enough to marry and has hopes to wed someone with enough wealth to supply the money needed to investigate and possibly clear her father’s name. When she meets the devastatingly handsome, Lord Therri, she feels he may be the man that can make all of her dreams come true ... That is until she meets Etienne, a Knight who also has a past he is trying to rise above. Her plans quickly unravel as a chain of events begins at a tournament, with a favor of white ribbon given and taken that suddenly turns deadly, thus stirring the plot and deftly turning a mere romance into a deadly game of intrigue.

Author Joyce DiPastena  is a talented writer so knowledgeable about the medieval time period that she easily weaves her story with historical fact without even a blink from the reader! The tale unfolds as quickly as the pages are turned, leaving one reading well into the night. Mathilde is only 17 and her romantic musings can be quite over the top at times. The romance is very fairytalesque... Sometimes too sweet to believe, but that can actually be kind of nice in a world that isn't always so.

Beth Chamberlain