Dangerous Duke: League of Dukes book 3


When she was young, Violet’s mother committed suicide, leaving a shadow over Violet and her brother. Fearful she would be like her mom, Violet has worked hard to be the person not to rock the boat — going so far as to become engaged to the man her brother has picked out for her, though she harbors no feelings of love for him. However, when she trips Griffin, Duke of Strathmore, while working on a project for her betrothed, her life is forever altered — and it starts with their first kiss. Violet quickly falls in love with Griffin, and comes up with a plan to wed him so he can avoid prison, though it seems he does not share the same feelings as her at first. As their time together progresses, both allow themselves to become more vulnerable, only to find reality a hard pill to swallow. 

An intriguing story from the very beginning, "Dangerous Duke" really tugs on the heartstrings and makes the reader root for Violet and Griffin to be together. The biggest complaint against this book is the fact that the hero and heroine make out in their first meeting…in the 1800s. A bit of a too modern taste to feel like their meeting works, however, the depth the characters possess is astounding and watching them reveal their layers is breathtaking. The best trait of the story is that a simple apology does not cut it when the hero messes up — he has to earn her trust back. The background information is shared in such a way as to not hinder the telling, but enhance it magnificently. This story definitely lends itself to the audience not being willing to let it go! 

Yannie Sorensen