Dangerous Decisions


Helena Standish has a bad feeling about Oliver Faraday, but she can't it. He is handsome, wealthy, and upheld as an ideal match by society and her own family. She accepts his suit, even though a part of her longs for the handsome and caring Dr. Nicholas Carstairs, even though she has only seen him a few times and barely knows him.  Nicholas too is haunted by the image of the lovely Helena, who he sees in the window of her home while on the way to his own home. Convinced he has no chance with the Lady, he chooses to do nothing. Both of their decisions have consequences, and for Helena they are dangerous ones. But when fate brings the two together again, will they have a second chance?


An absorbing Gothic-style regency, Kaine weaves a tale that draws the reader in so deeply they will find themselves alternatively yelling at the characters one moment and urging them on the next. Helena is a compassionate lady, determined to make the best of her decision, while living in dread of her husband. Oliver Faraday is charming but somehow “off” almost from the start so that the reader, like Helena, is immediately concerned and then outright horrified. Nicholas is dashing, resourceful, and loving, the kind of hero a lady would love to be rescued by. The story keeps a steady pace, and slowly builds on the romance in a way that makes it believable. Overall,  this is a marvelous read that should top any to-read pile!


*Note: The steam rating is actually between a 3 and 4 depending on the reader’s strictness. The bedroom is shown but is not described so much physically as emotionally.


Sarah E Bradley