A Dangerous Deal (Ladies of Worth Series Book 2)

Phillipa Jane

Julius Arleigh needs to marry to secure his family’s inheritance, following the dictates of his late father’s will. His parents’ marriage left much to be desired, as he witnessed his mother’s unhappiness over many years. Now, time is quickly running out and he needs to perform his familial duty. He enters into a loveless marriage deal with Widow Rachel Anne, who has her interests to secure too. Sounds easy, right? What the two don’t know is that their plan will soon become a big messy wave of events that they cannot control. How well can they hide the true nature of their marriage from their families and society when electric sparks between them threaten the security of their deal?

In the words of Arleigh, “A Dangerous Deal” lets the reader “leave the rest of the world to itself for a while” as one is hooked up in the drama, humor, suspense, and craziness of the lead characters. The backdrop of well-drawn 1776s’ cultural events gives a unique spark to the thread of romance that completes the package like a perfect rainbow. However, the inclusion of the affairs of the close family members of Rachel and Arleigh could easily become a thorn in the flesh for the reader who is religiously tied to the drama between the two as the book progresses. Readers with a keen eye will notice that what they were made to believe about Rachel at the beginning of the book, does not quite play out in a few parts, though it’s not extremely flawed. Lovers of strong happily-ever-afters do have a perfect beau with this book.  

JM Lareen