Damsel of the Hawk (Curse of the Lost Isle Book 7)


Meliora, the legendary damsel of Hawk Castle, has been blessed by the Goddess with the magical ability to heal and offer gold to the valiant knights that come to Hawk Castle with good intentions. She has committed herself to remain a virgin so that she can continue to serve the Goddess. But her commitment begins to waver when Spartak, a Kipchak warrior arrives on her doorstep wounded and close to death. Meliora defies her promise and uses her magic to heal the wounded warrior. When Spartak is healed, he falls in love with Meliora and is determined to win her heart and make her his regardless of the consequences. Although family and enemies threaten to keep them apart, will they be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way to happiness?


“Damsel of the Hawk” is a historical romance with a different twist. Although the plot has been tried before, the author creates a new spin on a classic tale. Ms. Schartz’s characters are interesting and have unique characteristics. The attachment to the characters’ respective pets is heartwarming but readers might find that the animals are more important than some of the characters. “Damsel of the Hawk” is a continuation of a seven-book series. It can be read as a standalone but readers might find it beneficial to read the series in order. Ms. Schartz has a gift that will have readers asking for more and will have them intrigued by the idea of the other books in the series. 

Mary-Nancy Smith