Daisy and the Duke: A Regency Romance (Wallflowers of Wildwood Book 1)


Despite Miss Margaret Merriot’s exceptional pedigree, upon her father’s death, her stepmother relegates her to servant’s work. She is known simply as Daisy. Tristan Holbrook, the new Duke of Lyon, arrives at his neighboring estate, not sure what to expect. With the help of a mysterious woman in the woods, Daisy and Tristan meet and an immediate connection is formed. As Daisy’s stepmother pushes her own daughter as a match for Tristan and Tristan’s estate faces financial ruin, their budding relationship is cast into turmoil.

Elizabeth Cole’s “Daisy and the Duke” is a spell-binding Regency Cinderella story, abandoned slipper and all. In Daisy, Ms. Cole has created a relatable, loveable character with whom readers can easily sympathize. Each main character has a distinct voice and inner life. The minor characters are also unique, and while a little more fleshed out, they are compelling enough for readers to wish to return to the world repeatedly. The dialogue and vocabulary used throughout truly evoke the feeling of the Regency era. The prose also allows readers a vivid picture of the world being built. While the novel draws several parallels to the story of Cinderella, enough deviates from the fairy tale to keep readers engaged and guessing throughout. The story is well-paced, never dragging or rushing. Though misunderstandings occurred throughout, these always seemed understandable and natural, rather than contrived. For lovers of Regency Romance and fairy tales alike, “Daisy and the Duke” is certain to provide a fun, light read with a fascinating world in which to escape. 

Shailyn Rogers