Dair Devil


Aurora “Rory” Talbot was born with a disability.  While little more than an inconvenience to her most of the time, to the rest of the aristocracy she is a pariah.  Her pretty face and sweet nature never have the chance to shine because as soon as anyone sees her cane, or her limp, she’s doomed.... until one fateful evening when a devilishly brash man painted like an Indian flies through the window and steals her heart.

Alisdair “Dair” Fitzstuart  takes great care to foster the slapdash, devil-may-care image people have given him.  It serves its purpose in keeping them from discovering what demons lay beneath.  But, when a lark finds the pretty Aurora in his arms, he discovers there are dreams he would still love to attain.  The problem is in figuring how to make Rory believe they can come true.

Rarely is a series gifted with such pure, unadulterated writing beauty than Lucinda Brant’s Roxtons.  Nor do characters weave their way into a reader’s heart as readily as do Rory and Dair.  The love story is pitch perfect, the setting so well-painted that their world dances with life in all its Georgian glory.  It does ramble just a bit at times (it takes the first 40 pages for the story to really kick off) but even then it’s with such flair one hardly notices.  The story can be read as a stand-alone but many characters from earlier works are intertwined enough that it loses its depth if done so. Those yearning for a sweet, beautifully crafted historical love story, look no further!

Ruth Lynn Ritter