Cursed Once More


After the harrowing events that preceded their marriage, Clara and Atticus Blackwood have settled into the blissful life of newlyweds.  They are in the process of developing a home for unwed mothers when a mysterious letter arrives from the family Clara thought had long ago disowned her.  Having little desire to meet those responsible for making her life so miserable, but unable to disregard the heartfelt plea for a visit from a grandmother she never knew, Clara agrees.

Upon arrival, however Clara and Atticus realize that things are not as they should be.  From a money grabbing uncle to a failing but nasty grandmother, who is mysteriously murdered, Clara will soon learn the extent to which some people will go to gain attention and fame.

In this sequel to “With This Curse”,  Ms. DeWees once again creates the times and people of the regency era with such grace and beauty that one actually feels a part of that world!  The writing flows with the diction and speech of the time while gently developing a story that the reader can thoroughly enjoy.  The mystery and plot-line in this instance is a bit far-fetched, stretching the readers believability limit.  This makes parts of the story - especially the climax - feel more like a melodrama than a serious suspenseful mystery.  Still, the sheer joy in reading is enough to encourage any historical romance lover to jump right in and experience the ride!

Ruth Lynn Ritter