The Cursed


After the death of her fourth betrothed, Scottish maid Rosaline realizes she must be cursed. Every man who has asked for her hand in marriage has been led to an early grave. As the daughter of Chief Johnstone in Medieval Scotland, her only expectation in life is to tie herself to a worthy suitor. Not wanting to risk anyone else’s life, she consigns herself to be her younger brother’s guardian after their father puts the both of them in harm’s way. Elliot unintentionally leads many to believe that he is a mystical fae, which puts him in danger. When the dashing English knight, Walter de Wyse, sets his sights on Rosaline, she must do everything in her power to dissuade him while thwarting her father’s sinister plot. 

Readers will unequivocally fall in love with Kathy MacRae’s delightful romance from the very first page. With her unique spin on a cursed young woman and the man who is determined to save her, the story will have readers devouring it page by page. Rosalie’s strength through the trials in her life is admirable, and Walter’s love for her regardless will melt even the hardest of hearts. The pacing of the story does drag at several points throughout the novel as the perspective switches between characters. The changing of perspectives feels rather harsh at certain points in the story and can pull one out of the story instead of building suspense. However, the beautifully written characters will draw the reader right back in again. Ms. MacRae’s bonny tale of a cursed relationship is sure to delight any lover of Scottish lore!

Jen Griffin