A Curio for the Count (Gems of London Book Two)

Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Count Armand Danger is a wealthy London bachelor, trying to reconcile his past with his present. His journey into his French past as he seeks to reconnect with his father’s memory leads him to an antique shop where he encounters the gorgeous valuer, Jade Bridges. The connection between the two is immediate and electric. But when Armand begins looking for the curio clock that once belonged to his father and Jade takes a commission from an anonymous benefactor for the same artifact, the two find themselves at odds. But Jade and Armand are not the only ones looking for the clock, and their adversary is not opposed to using deadly means to find it. As the Count and his lady get closer, they decide to join forces to find the curio clock before one of them pays the ultimate price. 

Told from the point of view of both Count Armand Danger and Miss Jade Bridges, this historical thriller has it all: danger, romance, and intrigue. The mystery of Jade’s anonymous benefactor draws you in and won’t let go, especially when the romance heats up between Jade and the Count. The narrative is smooth and places the reader smack in the middle of nineteenth century London, just as if they were there. The relationship between Armand and Jade is rife with conflict and heat, and the reader gets to go on a wild ride as they fall in love while also trying to survive. For fans of exciting historical romance, you won’t be disappointed with this love story!

Nicole Harlowe