The Crusader's Bride: The Champions of Saint Euphemia Book One


MEDIEVAL:  Templar Knight Gaston decides that it’s time to settle down and marry. After inheriting his father’s estate, he agrees to one last quest: delivering a package to Paris on his way home. Ysmaine believes herself to be cursed; she has lost two husbands and cannot bear the pain of losing a third. She tries to resist the handsome knight but finds herself powerless to do so. Fortunately, Gaston is a fighter - a strong knight who intends to keep his wife safe and ensure that the package he is carrying be delivered to Paris. Their journey is filled with danger and someone is after the package that Gaston is carrying. Indeed, they will stop at nothing to possess it. 

Perhaps not so much a knight in shining armor but assuredly, Gaston is the perfect strong, honorable and very sexy knight. The story keeps going at a flowing pace with daring action, handsome knights and a damsel in distress who can hold her own. "The Crusader's Bride" opens what promises to be an exciting series of medieval books where romance is key. Perhaps a little overbearing in some scenes, however they are few and far between. The plot is well formatted and clear, taking the reader on an adventure with a Templar Knight and his Lady Love.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick