A Courtship for Cecilia (The Love Bird Series #3)

Ruth J.

Every young woman dreams of finding the man of her dreams, and Cecilia Fletcher is no different. Barrington Radcliffe is a man betrayed by the woman he thought loved him. When he meets Cecilia he wants to believe that this time, things will be different.  Things with Cecilia, though, are not what they seem. 


Barrington’s courtship felt like a dance between the characters, with their attraction for each other conveyed in their actions and innuendos. His disdain for commoners so aptly describes how the aristocracy, the landed gentry and the wealthy looked down on “commoners”, believing themselves to be better than the rest of the hoi polloi. Such irony that he falls for one! Sometimes, however, the character’s musings detracted from the flow of the story. Thoughts are okay to a certain point, but when spread liberally through the story, they can interrupt the reader’s attention. The author may have written something about Cecilia’s family secret in the novel before this one, but a reader who has not read the previous work may feel that the reasons for Cecilia’s actions were not fully explored, therefore leaving them a bit short changed. The end in itself seemed rushed. Part of the story should have been devoted to exploring how Barrington changed from feeling betrayed to understanding Cecilia’s reasons enough to pursue her again. 


Nevertheless, this is a very light hearted, funny, and clean Regency novel for readers who would rather keep the physical side of romance behind closed doors.


M. P. Ceja