Courtly Pleasures (Courtly Pleasures Book 1)

Erin Kane

Frances LeSieur is requesting a separation from her husband, Henry. Relieved she is not asking for a divorce, he is startled when his normally complacent wife comes forward with her request. She furthermore tells him that she is going to court to serve the Queen. She no longer wishes to have marital relations because she cannot bear the thought of losing another child, so she promises not to cuckold Henry while she is at court. He refuses her request and asks that she allow him to woo her back.

“Courtly Pleasures” is a beautifully written medieval story with an unusual twist. The two main characters are already married but are at odds with one another. Henry is a full-bodied character who is so devoted to the Crown, he forgets his more important responsibilities that lie at home. Frances is so busy living behind a mask of complacency where she never complains until things draw to a head and she surprisingly asks for the separation. The only flaw is the abundance of characters that have names beginning with an “H”, Henry, Harry, and Kit Hatton. This causes some confusion at the beginning but is quickly resolved as we soon get to know the characters. The other characters that meet at court are fully fleshed out and have richness beyond compare. Ms. Spock does an excellent job portraying the Queen’s court and the intrigue that goes on behind closed doors in this witty and anecdotal tale!

Belinda Wilson