Courting Lady Yeardly (Willful Winterbournes Book 3)

After his wife, Madelene, gives birth to a stillborn son, Gilbert Winterbourne, Lord Yeardly spends the next three years in India, leaving his grieving wife behind. While focused on learning about tea in the hopes of setting up a tea house back home, Gilbert wants the unpleasantness of strong emotions to simply go away. He can’t deal with Madelene or her grief. Gilbert’s best friend, retired Major Hugh, steps in to comfort and watch over Madelene in Gilbert’s absence, causing unfounded rumors to reach Gilbert. Upon Gilbert’s return, he and Madelene are thrust together. His young nieces convince him to court her instead of shunning her. The fly in the ointment? Hugh, who
admits to being in love with Madelene, and whose purpose in life is to see Madelene happy–with either Gilbert or himself. Hugh gives Gilbert an ultimatum that will either send her back to Gilbert–
or to him.
"Courting Lady Yeardly” is a wonderfully written tale of a second chance romance entangled in somewhat of a love triangle. Hugh’s love is unrequited, but he will do anything for Madelene and makes Gilbert aware of it. Gilbert is a problematic hero because he makes everything about himself. His speech is stilted and preachy. The information about tea is highly enlightening and gives a welcome break from the tension and angst which hold this story together. Madelene and Hugh are well-drawn characters. Madelene leans upon him when times are difficult, and Gilbert is absent physically or emotionally. The emotions of each individual are validated and treated with
care by Ms. Sookoo. A fascinating story that will keep readers engaged from the beginning. Bring tissues.
Belinda Wilson