Courting Cassandry (Hearts in Autumn Romance #2)


In Medieval England the rules are strict. Nevertheless, Gerolt de Warenne longs to reunite with his former ward.  Upon his father’s death Gerolt became Cassandry's guardian. Being a liege lord over many lands and guardian to a child was not how he envisioned his life, so when she fell in love he did not deny her choice. Now, 24 years later, both have survived the deaths of their respective spouses. He wants Cassandry. She wants a nunnery for peace. A union between their children is his best idea for the moment.


Readers who’ve never become acquainted with 13th century England may find it a shocking place, ruled by religion and stringent proprietary bounds. Those familiar will find a true-to-the-time second-chance romance and will be cheering throughout for a happy ending. Gerolt, Cassandry, and those who inhabit a liege lord’s keep staunchly play by the rules (while at the same time attempt to subvert them), making for a merry chase. Modern readers may bristle at the amount unspoken between all the characters, however, this is completely in line with the setting—no one just up and said things out loud; there were rules. In a few places, the story slowed the pace too much, dragging the plot out a little too long and on occasion some people slid into caricatures. The secondary players are well written, with some interesting twists. Gerolt is exactly what a “White Knight” should be, and Cassandry is a strong woman, despite society’s bounds. Readers will fall in love with them!


Julie York