Reviews - Historical

Lady Leonora, daughter to the Earl of Whickerton, prefers to study the people around her, and is determined to record her observations wherever she goes. Unfortunately, her trust is shattered when one fateful masquerade ball leaves her haunted by the image of a masked man - and without her notebook.

A Gentlewoman Scholar (Timeless Victorian Collection #6)
Sarah M. Eden, Michele Paige Holmes &
Nancy Campbell Allen
A short story anthology, featuring: “Blessing in Disguise” by Sarah M. Eden where Liam Rafferty is sent by the Trinity College heads to investigate the strange medical student, Fred Fitzsimmons, whose secret that he is in fact she, could destroy the hopes of many.
Heart in the Highlands

Lady Katherine never dreamed of leaving England, especially for the wilds of Scotland. But when her dying grandfather arranges a marriage for her before he dies, she accepts his dying wish and hopes for the best. Arriving just one day before the marriage ceremony, Kate finds a handsome and surprisingly kind and considerate man in Callum Darrington… that is until after the wedding, and wonderful

Lady Harriet, widowed Marchioness of Blandford, lives in the country where she takes care of her grandmother and son. Harriet has a lot on her shoulders, especially since her grandmother likes to run off thinking that she is performing in the theater.

CIVIL WAR: Nancy, a strong-willed young woman from LaGrange, Alabama, is considered brazen by many rather than the perfect southern belle. Nancy evolves with her desire to know more about the guns men shoot, which eventually leads her to study battle tactics. To protect LaGrange, she wants to empower the local women to learn to shoot and protect their homes.