The Courtesan of Constantinople (Archangel Revolution Book 1)


STEAMPUNK: Widowed when her physician husband was killed in the Crimean War, Laurel Gunn runs The Horizontal, the most exclusive brothel in Constantinople. Her mission is to use her talents and those of her courtesans to spy for Great Britain. Her world turns upside down, however, when she learns her husband is alive. Dr. Benjamin Gunn holds few memories of how he survived his death. To make matters worse, he suffers from blackouts. When a killer—dubbed The Cleaver—begins killing courtesans, suspicion falls on Ben. Laurel is determined to save her husband. In a world of shifting alliances, Laurel doesn't know who to trust, but with The Cleaver attacking those closest to her, time is running out. Can Laurel and Ben find happiness the second time around, or will death once again separate them—this time forever?

"The Courtesan of Constantinople" dishes up a vibrant tale of steampunk fantasy and spine-tingling suspense! Tina Holland has created a rich world in which steampunk elephants mingle with fae, international spies and a Jack-the-Ripper-type killer. Even so, much of the world building is dribbled in in confusing doses, leaving readers with more questions than understanding. More set up is needed to understand who lives in this world and the various alliances. The multiple points of view lead to secondary characters nearly overshadowing the main characters. It also takes quite a leap to believe that the straitlaced Queen Victoria would have financed a brothel of courtesans to the extent of forcing a missionary's widowed daughter into such service. Nonetheless, readers of fantasy and steampunk will be intrigued by the potential of this fascinating and dangerous world!

Tricia Hill