The Courier's Wife (Secrets of the Blue and Gray, #1)


Hattie Logan is determined to support the North in their war against the South while searching for her brother, even if it means giving up her privileged upbringing, fleeing her finishing school, and changing her history. As part of Allen Pinkerton’s spy agency, she works as a mailroom girl, uncovering secrets that could change the course of the war. But when an opportunity to work in the field arrives alongside a courier spy, Hattie’s feelings are put to the test. With secrets about her family threatening the mission and enemies on all sides, Hattie must think quickly and trust her instincts to survive and complete her mission or risk capture and imprisonment.

Inspired by a true story of a female Civil War spy, this adventure features a strong-willed young woman with serious doubts about the legitimacy of the South’s goals. She also has a solid crush on one of the courier/spies working for the Pinkerton agency. The story unfolds slowly, introducing Hattie, her friends, hints at her family history, and her guilt about her past. The book adds in several historical characters and events which help to build the tension and drama while focusing on Hattie and her perceptions. There is also a minor romantic sub-thread, but it takes a backseat to Hattie’s goals and spy efforts. The biggest drawback to this engaging tale is the cliffhanger ending that leaves our heroine in a precarious position and her mission unfinished. Still, fans who enjoy historical spy tales, civil war drama, and romantic adventures will find plenty to entice them in this great read!

Sarah E Bradley