A Country Christmas (Timeless Regency Collection Book 5)

Josi Kilpack, Carla Kelly,
Jennifer Moore

This collection of Christmas regency romances will put any reader in the Christmas spirit! They each have the common setting in the country with both nobles and servants, but all of them are ordinary people who just want to find love. “Saints and Sinners”, by Josi Kilpack, introduces childhood friends Neville and Eloise. Neville hadn’t looked at Eloise beyond thinking of her as a girl, but Eloise has harbored a secret crush on him for years. Can he ever see her as a woman who loves him? “The Christmas Angle” by Carla Kelly is a unique romance between a children’s tutor with a difficult past and the sister-in-law of a vicar. Their circumstances would prevent a relationship between them, but can they find a Christmas miracle? And the last one, “A Perfect Christmas”, by Jennifer Moore, is a lesson in love being an adventure and that the best-laid plans almost always go awry.

 All three books have well-rounded characters that will draw the reader into the story quickly. The sigh-worthy heroes all have character arcs that let them grow and that consistency easily matches our heroines in strength as they face their obstacles together as couples. Readers will find all three heroines relatable as women who are looking for their happily-ever-after and have a chance to reach for it, despite the odds. Even though they are novellas, these stories have depth and emotion that is sometimes hard to find in shorter works. The settings were all in the country, yet were unique enough to provide a good background for the characters. This sweet romance collection is one that will leave the reader with a smile, and sprinkle a bit of Christmas cheer all year round.

Kate Campbell