The Countess Intrigue

Wendy May

Enduring her second Season as her matchmaking mama looks for a suitable husband for her, Lady Elizabeth Castleton hopes to either marry for love or to gain her independence when she reaches twenty-one.  When her friend is abducted from the ballroom by the dastardly Sir Jason Broderick, Justice Sinclair, the Earl of Heath (who has his own reasons for wanting information about Broderick) persuades Elizabeth to meet him to inform him of all she knows about the rogue.  They are caught together however, and, in order to save Elizabeth’s reputation, Justice proposes marriage.  Elizabeth is not quite what he had envisaged for his second countess and Elizabeth has heard rumors that he murdered his first wife.  What is the truth and will the couple live happily ever after?


Justice and Elizabeth are fun characters to read about.  They could both be better developed however, with readers likely finding it disappointing that their romance is not much in evidence.  The author does give some good descriptions of balls and grand houses, but there are quite a few inaccuracies concerning etiquette, behavior and forms of address.  One also feels that the way people interact is rather too modern at times and this is coupled with some anachronistic words, expressions and names.  The plot does seem rather vague and certain elements of it underdeveloped.  If the book were to be reworked and edited, though, it has the potential to be a delightful Regency romp.


Heather Belleguelle