A Countess of Convenience (Captivating Countesses – Book 1)


When her husband takes his physical abuse a step too far, Judith Harper is left in a coma. Returned to her family home to live out her final days, she spends four months in an unconscious state. The intervention of surgeon Lord Farringdon saves Judith’s life. However, when she awakens, Judith discovers her husband is now dead, and his father Lord Downing now has custody of her six-year-old daughter, Anna. While polite society deems Judith must observe a year of mourning for her husband, she realizes if she’s to regain custody of Anna, she must flaunt society norms and find a new husband. Despite the attentions of the doctor who saved her life, Judith accepts the proposal of Lord Haxby (John Tate), whom she has known since childhood.

“A Countess of Convenience” is an onion of a book. So many layers, each one sweeter than the next. This story includes a number of darker elements, such as the spousal abuse and the barter of a young child to settle debts. The one beacon that shines through all the darkness though is the hero, Lord John Haxby. His devotion to the woman he’s loved his entire adult life is what makes a great romance. The backstory of his own loss of a wife and child makes his willingness to take on the challenge of helping Judith regain custody of her daughter all the more selfless. There are a few minor issues of missing words, but not to the extent that would spoil the story for the reader. For fans of emotional time-period romance, this book will not disappoint.

N.E. Kelley