The Countess Conspiracy


In Victorian England, Violet Waterfield’s brilliant scientific mind is unable to share its breakthrough discoveries, but her best friend Sebastian Malheur agrees to the deception of presenting her work as his.  Eventually, after years of presenting Violet’s work as his own, Sebastian refuses to maintain the pretense any longer.  Then he shocks her with a remarkable confession that changes everything.  What risks will Violet take to fight for what her heart and mind needs to be whole again?


Violet and Sebastian animate this book with their wit and captivate the reader with their warm-hearted romance!  Sebastian, with his rakish but endearing personality appears to live a charmed life.  Violet is a woman long-suppressed by society’s rigid boundaries.  She may also be the most challenging character for readers to fully embrace.   Despite the revelations, her fears didn’t exactly correspond with their cause.  Her high intellect and the obstacles she meets is the easiest to raise empathy.  Ms. Milan cleverly inserts relevant historical details within the plot and dialogue. The literary references regarding women overcoming their submissiveness is skillfully included.  Sebastian’s cheeky way of scandalizing people with scientific discussions about ‘breeding’ and ‘intercourse’ animated a potentially dry topic.  On a side note, Sebastian wasn’t the rake he was made out to be.  Instead he’s intellectual, kind, and easygoing.  Altogether, “The Countess Conspiracy” is a tender historical romance between two witty characters that begin a relationship as childhood friends and mature to a deep love for one another as adults.  It is a story that romance readers are sure to adore!


Anna Fitzgerald