Counterfeit Viscountess


REGENCY:  Caroline Saxon is on her way to London to satisfy the requirements of her aunt’s Will to collect the inheritance. With dreams of breeding horses in her home country of Ireland, Caroline takes a room to rest at an inn during her journey. Enter Christopher Hawkins, also known as Lord Saxon. His reservation at the inn is confused with the arrival of Miss Saxon, and to both of their misfortunes, the single lady found in the room with a bachelor by busybodies creates a dilemma for both of their reputations. Christopher creates a scenario that not only brings Caroline to London as planned but as Christopher’s new bride. Shock waves spread through the city as all the young ladies’ dreams of being wed to the handsome bachelor are dashed. In the end though, Caroline’s intent to go home is thwarted by feelings for a stranger she may want to remain married to in the end. 

Barbara Burke has created well matched characters – Caroline and Christopher. Throughout the entire story of “The Counterfeit Viscountess”, Caroline portrays a kind, yet astute young woman who compliments the polite and respectful Christopher. Readers will enjoy their love story that is driven by some feisty British women, and by the perfect nosey busybodies. The language of that era is beautifully written. One will enjoy that the story is heartfelt with the perfect level of curiosity from both characters who do not want to dishonor their agreements and respectfully go their separate ways. “The Counterfeit Viscountess” is a classically, clean romance with the perfect ending!

Moira Wolf