The Count’s Castaway


Katherine Wilken was taken from her bed and now she wants her freedom. When she’s denied, she decides to take her future into her own hands. She manages to stow away on a ship called The Escape. What she doesn’t expect is to meet someone who makes her heart race with his mere presence. Count Alexandre Lecroix escaped France as a child and doesn’t have anywhere to call home. When he discovers a beautiful stowaway on his ship, he finds the fire that has been missing in his heart. Zander will find himself having to make a difficult choice between a woman who gives him purpose, or the sea he has been sailing for so long.

“The Count’s Castaway” follows two very lonely characters who are brought together by chance and must fight for their love. This rollicking tale has everything a historical romance needs—including pirates. What’s not to love? Zander is a very dashing and exciting man, and readers will absolutely fall for him. The dialogue between Katherine and Zander is entertaining and keeps the pages turning, as do the fascinating character arcs. Everything about this book is awesome! And the sexual tension is searing hot. One for all fans of the genre to enjoy and even a fun read for those who may not be a huge historical romance fans. A fantastic addition to the series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick