The Cotillion Brigade: A Novel of the Civil War and the Most Famous Female Militia in American History


CIVIL WAR: Nancy, a strong-willed young woman from LaGrange, Alabama, is considered brazen by many rather than the perfect southern belle. Nancy evolves with her desire to know more about the guns men shoot, which eventually leads her to study battle tactics. To protect LaGrange, she wants to empower the local women to learn to shoot and protect their homes. Hugh, a northerner from Wisconsin, follows his bizarre professor only to learn that there is more to the professor than odd underground scientific discoveries. Hugh evolves and becomes a member of a group of abolitionists. Eventually, Hugh becomes a Union General in the Civil War. With strong opposing views, Nancy and Hugh cross paths, both ready to protect what they believe in.

“The Cotillion Brigade” is a must read! The story is beautifully told, switching between the points of view of Nancy and Hugh. The transitions between the points of view are easily followed. Glen Carney unfolds the story of each character in such a way that readers will feel they are in the scenes with them. The spirited dialogue makes for great entertainment, while the reader learns about a piece of American history. Readers will root for Nancy and Hugh, even with their opposing views. A few annoying editing errors are the only reason this review is less than perfect. “The Cotillion Brigade” is a fantastic journey during the American Civil War, with a flair of empowerment for the woman who wanted to protect their homes and their town.

Moria Wolf