Corsets and Cuffs (Baker City Brides #3)


Brianna Dumont is desperate to clear her father’s good name and avoid trouble from back East, but to do that she needs to sell her father’s shares in a mine and convince the Sheriff to track down her stolen purse. Sheriff Tully Barrett enjoys his life in a small town: building his ranch, and working as the sheriff. Yet, there’s something about Brianna that drives him crazy and makes it impossible to forget her. When things start disappearing in town and someone ends up dead, Tully is sure that Brianna is in the middle of it, but whether he should arrest her or kiss her will determine everything.


A sweet historical romance, “Corsets and Cuffs” involves two stubborn people determined to avoid love - and especially one another - but unable to help themselves. Although Tully’s over-the-top reaction to Brianna will either result in laughs or rolled eyes, author Shanna Hatfield will keep the reader entertained as Tully and Brianna match each other word and deed and work to clear her father’s name. Although it lacks complexity or depth, this is a sweet story with a lot of simple drama and a bit of action thrown in at the end making it a nice fluffy read for anyone who enjoys western romances and needs something cute for a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley