Copper (Heart of a Miner Book Three)

Krystal M.

WESTERN:  When Joan’s husband Harris dies, leaving her and their two children penniless, she must swallow her pride and go to her brother-in-law for help. Mac Walley seems like a good man, but will he stay that way or does he have more of his brother in him than meets the eye? Pete Tracy, Joan’s late husband’s business partner, says that she will lose her share of the family mine, the only thing that was left to her if she doesn’t marry within a week. A decision must be made and quickly. 

With her artful writing of Mac, Krystal M. Anderson captivates the hearts of her protagonist and readers alike. This story provides an excellent balance between the crimes and perils of the wild west and a budding romance. Each character is well developed and tugs at the heartstrings. The least developed part of this novel is, perhaps, the conflict. “Copper” feels very much like a slice of life. There are several conflicts, most of which feel separate from each other rather than linking into a singular story arc. However, the slower pace that this accomplishes has its place. It truly makes the reader feel as if they are living a life with these characters: not a fictional, too fast-paced for reality life. Ms. Anderson’s vivid telling of life in Silver City is a textbook example of excellent world building! 

Shailyn Rogers