The Conundrum of a Clerk (The Widowers of the Aristocracy #3)

Linda Rae

When widower and bank clerk Theodore Streater discovers his late mother was the owner of a finishing school, he knows he needs someone to run the enterprise. He turns to his best friend’s wife, Lady Bostwick, who runs the charity Finding Work for the Wounded and had helped him find a bank position after losing his arm. Daisy Albright is at a loss. What can she do after losing her position as an operative with the Home Office. After handling her own affairs for years, Daisy is determined to retain her independence rather than return home where her father, the Duke of Ariley, would marry her off. So, when Lady Bostwick informs her of the position, Daisy jumps at the chance. Theodore has no idea what he’s in for, having an ex-spy run the finishing school, especially when he would much prefer to court the prim and proper miss. But what woman would marry a man with only one arm?

This novel hits the ground running, with poor Teddy getting the shock of his life.  He uses his resources and ends up with the admirable Daisy, who is both intelligent and hard working. Teddy and Daisy have chemistry from the moment they meet, and their romance is a delight to watch unfold. However, there is almost too much love between characters, making it feel sappy rather than heart-warming.  What makes this novel stand out, besides the writer’s easy style, is that the main characters are not nobles. Instead, the author focuses on illegitimate daughters and war veterans. The combination makes for a sweet and tender romance with characters that feel dynamic and real!

Arec Rain