Controlled Burn

Lynda J.

A.J. and Allie have never had it easy, and that continues when she and their children are kidnapped within the first chapter. A.J. goes to save them, in the process, Allie falls and hits her head. This results in her losing her memory of the last ten years and her eyesight. She can’t remember how she and A.J. met nor her own children. A.J. who isn’t exactly a smooth talker must help his wife discover who she is all over again. However, danger still lurks around his family. Despite her condition, Allie still wants to help those around her. A.J. battles his own inner demons while also trying to keep his family safe. Everything seems to depend on Allie regaining her memory.

There is barely a moment to pause and breathe throughout this fast-paced Western, historical fiction. These well-developed characters bring forth a powerhouse of emotions. A.J. sees himself as a broken man, yet his growth and determination to help Allie and his family is nothing short of inspiring. Allie is an unstoppable force. Together, they bring so much strength to the story but also show the pain they both have to work through. The detail in this story is also fantastic. From the vivid landscapes to the authentic clothing, the attention to detail makes readers feel totally immersed in the period. Even the dialogue feels realistic and makes the characters that much more relatable. This book will keep readers hanging on every word, desperate to know what happens next!

Amanda Hupe