The Contrary Debutante (The De Petras Saga Book 3)

Emily EK
Emerald De Petras wants nothing to do with high society. The way people act is sickening to her, and she refuses to be the subject of their rumors. She and her mother come to an agreement that she will attend a set number of balls in the Season, and then she’s free. No longer will she be forced to marry and can live her life how she wishes. Roberts Ainsworth, Marquis of Swindmore has just gone through a divorce and when he sees Emerald, he is immediately attracted. Emerald is vexed at the growing feelings she has for Robert and can see the end of the Season in sight. But tongues will wag, and the question is, will they be able to fight their attraction? Will it all come to nothing?
“The Contrary Debutante” is a classic tale of opposites who attract and come together in a fiery and passionate display. Emily is a heroine who is determined to live her life in peace, and many readers will be able to relate to her. However, things don’t go to plan. There are so many good points about this book. The plot moves at an even pace but also has elements that make it a page turner. To say this book has sexual tension would be an understatement. The chemistry between Emily and Robert is electric beyond measure and when it finally erupts, there are more than fireworks. Another fantastic addition to the De Petras Saga and one that will be enjoyed by many.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick