A Constant Blaze (Last Flame of Alba Book 2)


Malcolm MacHeth has been imprisoned by the King for twenty long years for seeking the crown for himself. Prison’s only real hardship for Malcolm is his inability to see his sons, Donald and Adam, and his daughter, Gormflaith, grow up. He also misses his wife, Halla, who is running his earldom in his absence. MacHeth hears his son Adam is unusual, a seer. When Donald goes to rescue his father and bring him home, he is betrayed by Fergus. Now both father and son are prisoners. Mairead, a woman who visits Malcolm MacHeth and gives him messages from the outside, helps him and Donald escape, but now she is in need of saving from her cruel husband! Halla hears of Mairead’s distress and formulates a plan to rescue her. 


“A Constant Blaze” is a medieval saga about the MacHeth family and their cunning ways. Malcolm and Halla are very resilient characters to last twenty years apart and still share an everlasting love. It is endearing when they are shy about reuniting. Confusion comes when Malcolm is referred to with several different variations of his last name. Adam’s wife has several versions of her first name, so again, there is confusion. Ms. Lancaster does mention this in the preface, but it still takes extra concentration to keep everyone straight. The first half of the story drags, but the second half flows brilliantly. The secondary figures are well fleshed out, making it easy to fall for Muiredach the harpist. A fun allegory steeped in family traditions, this is an entertaining read for those who love all things medieval!


Belinda Wilson