Code of Honor (Knights of Honor #3)


After witnessing his mother beaten and banished to a convent, Michael Devereux turns his back on his brutish father and vows not to return as long as his father draws breath. He finds a new home with Lord Geoffrey de Montfort and trains as a knight under his tutelage. He escorts the de Montforts to a wedding celebration and while there loses his heart to the beautiful lass he meets in the stables, never guessing she is the bride to be!  Lady Elysande Le Cler is nervous about her upcoming marriage to a boy she barely remembers.  While helping her beloved mare to foal she meets a breathtaking stranger who stays with her to lend a hand.  She is immediately smitten, and now cannot imagine spending her life with any other. Will the lowly knight and the highborn lady find a way to be together and defy the odds?

Boy, these medieval star-crossed lovers have their work cut out for them!  Author Alexa Aston puts Michael and Elysande through their paces in this third installment of the Knights of Honor series, with obstacles popping up at virtually every turn for most of the book. The premise of "insta-love" is a difficult one, although the medieval setting helps here — suitors spent virtually no time alone together and so any attraction at all could be considered love. The path to everlasting love created by the author is smoothly written and nicely set in to the larger storyline of the series, although it stands alone quite well. Readers familiar with the series will be enchanted, while new fans will want to go back to the beginning to meet the charming secondary characters. 

Tammy Grant