Clayton's Honor (British Agent #3)


After witnessing a murder, Anne Doyle flees her home of Ballinrock Castle in Ireland to seek help from her cousin Charles. Charles, a British agent, soon whisks Anne, her mother Katheryn and her eight year old sister, Claire away to England by enlisting the help of his fellow agents and friends Tristan Sheffield and Devon Clayton. Lord Gaspar is a vile man who seems to want Anne killed at any cost. He is now on the hunt for her. With her mother beginning to show signs of madness, and Anne trying to make sense of her new found feelings for Devon, she is caught in a tricky web that may restore all of her hopes. It could also possibly end her life - a risk she is willing to take.


A mystery entwined with an ongoing hopeful romance between Devon and Anne, "Clayton's Honor"  is utterly enticing and captivating! Anne is a very strong character and secures her place in this twisty and puzzling story very early on. Devon is admirable and the kind of man who does not fall in love easily. Even though their romance is set at a slow pace and secondary to the mystery, the reader will hope for their love to flourish. The author's characterizations of both Anne and Devon (regardless of his low-key appeal) will resonate with readers. Situations that build and grow with each chapter of unexpected discoveries, secrets, lies, murders and adventure build into an intriguing read that is hard to ignore.


Margaret Faria