Claiming the Rebel’s Heart


It’s 1643 and the English Civil War is dividing neighbors and families. Kinton Lacey Castle is under siege and Deliverance Felton will die before she sees it taken. She’s a crack shot, a not-too-shabby swordswoman, and well-read in the strategies of war. Unable to return home, her father is sending reinforcements. But if they think they’re taking over the protection of Deliverance’s castle, they have another think coming!


Captain Luke Collyer is charged by Sir John Felton, with defending Kinton Lacey Castle. He’s also been threatened with bodily harm should he continue his womanizing ways. Neither will be an easy task, but he is up for the challenge. Until he meets his match in Deliverance.


“Claiming the Rebel’s Heart” gives a unique perspective on a turbulent time in England’s history and it’s obvious Ms. Stuart has done her homework. Detailed images and sweeping scenes immerse the reader’s feet in mud, fill their nostrils with gun smoke, and assault their ears with the shouts of men—and women—at war. The main character is anything but typical and her moxie is refreshing. Pair this with a male character who atypically shows honorable restraint, and you’ve got a lovely romance! The fourth quarter feels a bit jerky and disconnected but intriguing plot twists and equally engaging battle strategies do well to compensate in this engaging read!   


Sofia St. Angeles