Lady Rhoslyn has spent the last 14 months sequestered in the local Abbey after the deaths of her husband and baby.  When her grandfather finds out that the new King of Scotland wants to wed her to an English knight, he sends for her in order to keep her safe.  Somehow Talbot St. Claire catches wind of her escape plans and kidnaps his bride-to-be on her way home. Upon their arrival, St. Claire is called away, and while he is gone his brother kidnaps Lady Rhoslyn once more. Marrying an Englishman eventually becomes the least of her worries as Rhoslyn realizes that the devil she thought he was is merely a sheep in wolves clothing - and everyone else have become the wolves that begin to circle. Rhosyln and Talbot are forced to work as allies before family, King, and countrymen tear their worlds apart.


“Claimed” by Tarah Scott is a breath-taking, sleep-stealing, page-after-page turner! Ms. Scott has honed her craft, done her due diligence researching the era and has created a masterpiece! Historical fiction can truly be tricky if an author does not take the time to study the period and location where the story takes place, but, “Claimed” is on point and in line with the culture and era of the story’s setting. Readers will find it difficult to put “Claimed” back on the shelf until they have wrung each word, emotion, and thought from Ms. Scott’s book.


Mary-Nancy Smith