Clad in Midnight (Colors of Scandal #8)


Ambrose is the Marquess of Northampton but is struggling to rejoin society after the war. He was a spy and experienced a lot of trauma. Since his return, he has developed the air of mystery. His best friend encourages him to forget his past love and the war and sleep with someone. Lady Mary Clarke is a widow and her husband went to war before they consummated their marriage. She doesn’t want to be pressured into the confines of marriage again. She wants excitement and scandal. Their one-night tryst turns into a night more than Mary bargained for, as a man from Ambrose’s past comes to hunt him. They flee for their lives. They are brought together and Mary is desperate to break down Ambrose’s walls that he built in his past.

Get ready for a sweeping romance filled with adventure! The pace is nonstop and danger’s around every corner. In fact, the danger has a tendency to catch readers off guard. But who doesn’t like to be kept on their toes? Not only that, but there is also so much emotion. The war leaves Ambrose with PTSD and heartache. Mary is not only understanding about thism but she is able to help him cope with that pain. The only issue is this plotline went on through the whole novel and seemed to magically get fixed in the end. And then there’s Mary, a lady who learns how to do chores that one of her station would never be expected to do. The character development in both Ambrose and Mary is absolutely spectacular.  This book will leave readers wanting more and diving into the other books in the series!

Amanda Hupe