Reviews - Historical

Because her abusive husband destroys her reputation by forcing her to pose for a pornographic portrait, a disgraced Emmaline is banished to a convent after he is killed by pirates, and her father is too embarrassed to let her return home. Determined to regain her place in society, Emmaline escapes the convent to locate the stolen painting.

During the twelve years of marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather, Lady Diana manages to gain the friendship and trust of her elderly husband, and the respect and loyalty of their servants. She can do nothing about her husband's spoiled, spiteful children remaining cruel and unwilling to be civil. She is perturbed when her brother hires a Mr.

Being a woman in 1814 was hard enough, but being a young female captain of a pirate ship was even harder. At just twenty years of age, Esmeralda must prove herself time and time again in order to keep her position - and her ship. When she finds Javier, a stowaway, in her chambers, she is shocked to find that he is from a rival ship.

Cora Mackenzie has been labeled everything from unbridled to a spitfire for her strong will and refusal to follow tradition and expectations. As the sister to the laird of her clan, it means she must secure an alliance between her family and another clan - through marriage. Unfortunately, Cora’s betrothed has yet to even write to her, and she is already twenty-two years old.

Forever Kind of Woman

Tess McLeish travels from Chicago to Forever, Texas, to join her soon-to-be husband. As a widow with a not-quite-complete medical degree, she can only practice her profession in tandem with a licensed doctor. But her intended, Dr. Waverly, is not pleased to see her and seems to have his eyes on another. While Dr. Waverly leaves her life upended, the attractive Sheriff Carter’s appeal grows.