Reviews - Historical

Graham Eden is widowed and has hidden himself away from the world in the north of England, mourning the wife and child he lost, preferring physical labor to the wheeling and dealing of his family’s world. Isabella Girard spends her time caring for the chateau and winery in the South of France that belongs to Charlotte Eden (Graham’s sister-in-law).

WESTERN:  Elise Van Demer has lost everything and wants nothing more than revenge on the men responsible. She is close to it when the appearance of a lawman puts everything at risk. Boyd Alvarez lost his family and now hunts bounties for a living. When he sees Elise, all he wants to do is keep her safe. He is after all, one of the best gunmen around those parts.

Tristan Fisher and his brothers long for the adventure of the open sea. They leave their father's fishing boat and go back to piracy. When it seems like everything is lost, they find something unexpected: an old woman who claims to be a relation and knows where to find a treasure map. Gavina Drummond has had so much tragedy in her life.

Hubert Pike, driven by his greed for wealth, overtook the Marston House when his cousin, Edward, left for war. Edward’s sister, Isobel, becomes the victim of Pike’s greed as he uses all means necessary to subdue her to his whims. Unbeknownst to Pike, overtaking the wealth and social status of the Marston family will not be easy.

Posey Campbell has suffered an ill-fated relationship and has resigned herself to remaining single. She doesn’t understand why her family and friends insist on trying to matchmake her with their acquaintances. As New Hope’s schoolteacher, she has plenty of reasons to be content until a trail-worn U.S Marshal arrives in town with a smile that threatens to upend her plans.