Reviews - Historical

The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion determined the fate of two cousins who were also very close friends, Wylie and George, of the Macpherson family. Henry Macpherson, George’s father, and William Macpherson, Wylie’s father, were lairds in the Scottish Highlands.

Scandal’s Promise

Seven years ago, a scandal caused by trickery and cowardice separated betrothed sweethearts Andrew Quimby and Emily Sinclair. Still carrying a torch for Lady Emily, Andrew returns home from war as the new Lord Cardmore, widowed, wounded, burdened with an addiction to laudanum and a responsibility for a young son he’s never met.

Once Upon a Twelfth Night – A Haute Ton Reader Society Anthology
Christina Alexandra, Clair Brett, Sofie Darling, A. S. Fenichel,
Carrie Lomax, Erica Taylor, Tanya Wilde

The Earl and Countess of Stapleton invite you to celebrate the magic of Twelfth Night. Readers will thoroughly enjoy delightful novellas filled with scandal, humor, and passion RSVP’d by seven talented authors.

“Twelve Nights of Ruin” by Carrie Lomax

Ruby Berry, head-strong daughter of an English privateer, is forced into an unwanted betrothal to Vice-Admiral William Stanhope, who she considers an uppity bore. She doesn’t mind letting her parents know she longs for a more adventurous life.

Keenan MacLaughlin, Laird of Clan MacLaughlin, captures thieves attempting to steal horses on his land. Keenan knows the thieves belong to the enemy clan, Clan Taylor. Keenan also has a bitter history and past romantic relationship with the clan’s chieftain, Fionna Taylor. Fionna is summoned by Keenan to retrieve the thieves who are being held prisoner.