Reviews - Historical

The Reiver’s Cub

As Aleck Maxwell storms the castle, Bess promises her cousin Mary that she will never allow him to see his newborn son. Bess disappears with the child, Dexter, winding up at a school for training boys in the art of fighting, run by Callum MacFee and Bess. Ten year old Dexter, whose parents never wed is an outcast, and “bastard” is often on the lips of his classmates.

The MacCray and Robson clans have been feuding for three hundred years. No one remembers why anymore; they just accept it. Marshall Robson is tired of the feud and decides to take matters into his own hands, even though his brother, Elgin, is the Laird.

During Edward I’s rule, war is constant. At the moment, their main enemy is the Welsh. Robert Fitz-Stephen slaughters a man and boy who charge at him, not realizing they are allies. As a result, he is forced to take the daughter of the man he just slaughtered as his wife. Eleanor is young, but wise beyond her years. Robert doesn’t see her worth and brings another woman with him to their home.

During the Renaissance in Italy, Celeste Gabriele will do anything to help her family. Her mother died and her father is a drunk who doesn’t care for his children and has ruined their good name. Her name gets her a position as a nanny. Her charge takes painting lessons from Luciano Vincente. She listens during the lessons and draws in rare moments of solitude.

Leonard Quinton is now the Earl of Morton after returning home from the war. While he was away, his love and his family betrayed him. He must marry, but now he vows that he will never love or open his heart to anyone again. Emiline Hawthorne is doomed to marry an old man unless she can find someone else to marry.